Saturday Man Candy: 5 Reasons We all Need a Shirtless Cup O’ Joe

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 12

Joe: Morning baby. I made you coffee.

Me: But I’d rather have a strong and virile cup of Joe. I “Cannata” take my eyes off the way your hips complement that towel. Not to mention those ripped abs I’d like to expertly explore every inch of (with my tongue), sizeable manly man hands which scream touch me, touch me everywhere!, and a sultry “come hither” look that less than subtly suggests, Mr. Cup of Sexy, you are a giver of pure ecstasy in so many naughty ways (hihihi).

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend than with a sweet dose of our newly found eye candy obsession, Canadian hottie, Joseph CannataWe like to stalk follow hotties on Instagram (don’t judge, you sexy vixens among us, we know that you follow shirtless hunk accounts too 😉 ) and ever since we laid eyes on our Canadian dreamboat, we knew he was worthy of a Saturday Man Candy feature. Those eyes, that beard, the bod: let’s just skip a Joe bio because, honestly, we’ll let his abs do all the talking:

  1. Joe’s shirt is virtually non-existent in all his photos and that makes us very horny, ahem, happy.

Joseph Cannata Model4 Joseph Cannata shirtless13 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 9 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 16

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 18

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 5Joseph Cannata Shirtless 11

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 14

2. Is Joe a book lover? Is he a coffee addict? Who cares? He’s shirtless!Joseph Cannata Shirtless 73. He has a smouldering hot and suggestive way with his hands. And he’s shirtless.

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 17 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 10Joseph Cannata Shirtless 3 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 15

4. Joe is an animal lover. Did we mention there are very few photos of him not shirtless? 😉

Joseph Cannata Selfie3

Joseph Cannata Model2

5. He likes to hang with his dear mom…shirtless.

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 8Need your daily dose of Joe? Follow his Instagram account, here. C’mon, you know you want to – because he looks like THIS even with his shirt on #goodlawd!:

Joseph Cannata Model5 Joseph Cannata Selfie2

Joseph Cannata Selfie4

Cheers to a delicious Cup O’ Joe.



Saturday Man Candy: Babe-a-licious Bearded Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 5

Yes, ladies (and gents)…PRAISE SWEDEN…for giving birth to Swedish Fish and this week’s Saturday Man Candy perfection! His name is Ben Dahlhaus and he can “Ben-d” us over anytime. No, really Ben Dahlhaus, take us now please. HARD.

We don’t know much about Ben, other than he has us daily worshiping at his altar as we stalk his Instagram account. And his Facebook account. And, yes, even his Twitter. And after staring (and salivating) over his delicious face and bod, we’ve become believers and have many reasons why we can’t resist wanting this Sexy Young Beast :

Ben looks like a HOT JESUS.

And there’s nothing Christian about what we’d like to do to our bearded Godly man.  We feel blasphemous for thinking of Ben making us scream “Hallelujah”!!! But when it comes to Ben, we just can’t put our ladyboners away. Forgive us Father for we have sinned. And sinned and sinned and sinned ;P

Ben Dahlhaus 11 Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 2

Ben’s beard says SEX. All. night. long.

Ladies, just think about the damage that long and thick beard can do downtown. We’d like to call it the “orgasm booster” that is sure to take us to heaven and beyond.

Ben Dahlhaus 10 Ben Dahlhaus 20

Soulful, Sultry, Hippie…and YOUNG, just how we like ’em (hihihi).

We love that sensuous, sultry and sad-looking puppy face. Come hither, Ben, we’ll console you.

Ben Dahlhaus 15

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 3

We want to pet Ben. And his “puppy”. Slurpppp.

And we are mighty sure his “puppy” is as massive and impressive as his beard.

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 4

Ben Dahlhaus 17

Hoping you all Praise the Lord and sing Hallelujah! this weekend.



Saturday Man Candy: Make it with Flaming Thomas Beaudoin

Ahhhh Sauza, Sauza, Sauza … shaking our heads with appreciation … we’re in awe of your hunkvertising, especially when it comes to this week’s super hot and steamy Manly Candy – Thomas Beaudoin, who has us calling 911, needing his “immediate assistance”, in hopes of seeing his suspendered shirtless bod (long hose in tow) at our front door, in his low baritone voice saying “trust me, I’m a professional”. Slurp.

The point of being a fireman is to douse fires, but we confess that ever since we first saw smoking hawt Thomas in this sexy ad in 2012, he’s been setting our panties aflame. It’s been impossible not to hang on his every word as he blatantly uses sexual innuendos, helping us picture our little pussies being rescued by his big strong, fireman capable stroking hands. Mmmmmmmm

Sauza sure knows what women want … as if they’ve read our diaries. They couldn’t pick a better man for the job 💪 . Our kittens have been wet for this hunky Thomas (whom we’ve nicknamed Thomas “boudoir”). We’re still changing our panties every time the ad comes on TV.

This mouthwatering piece of Canadian bacon is very active in the ASPCA community, an accomplished actor, model, photographer, and has been featured in ads for Macy’s, Armani Exchange, Brooks Brothers, Ray Ban, and countless other brands, but it’s this ad that’s made Thomas a household name … maybe it’s the kinky suspenders, the way he licks that spoon, his speaking french to the kitten, the disappearing shirt, or is it his bar tending (with a twist) skills? Ahhhh … it is not his kitten we’re drooling over. Long hair or short, scruff or clean shaven, with those gorgeous greenish-gray bedroom eyes, when it comes to Mr. Boudoir, we don’t discriminate. He’s the Christian Grey that makes our kittens purr. Need more convincing?

Dark and dangerous:

tb13 tb14 tb11 tb10 tb9

Sexy CEO look:  Hmmmm do we spy a grey tie? Grrrrrrrrr ….


And to answer his ‘pants or leggings/jeggings’  dilemma, how about no clothes at all?   Yummmm 😜

 tb18tb1 tb4 tb3 tb2

911, We need you to send the Sauza fireman in his big red truck over to our house. There are two ladies in need of a ‘rescue’ … maybe we need help with our computer thingies, maybe we need him to put out our blazes, and, of course, give us CPR (french kiss style)“.  Thomas Beaudoin Boudoir, we need your immediate assistance! We’re thirsty and our spoons need your licking 😍😍. Hehe, we wanna make it with this flaming hawt fireman … no maybes about it.😜  Cheers to you Sauza! Keep ’em coming!

Wishing you all a spoon licking and panty wetting weekend, with a ‘twist’  😝 

Oui Oui 😜

Laters baby, 🍹🍹

Saturday Man Candy: DE-licious Damon Danilo

Have you ever met a man who didn’t exaggerate the size of his penis?  … Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gents), have we got a dynamite  treat for you this Saturday. We know we’ve been holding back in the Man Candy department, but The Man Candies are back in a big way — and by big, we mean HUGE!  We feel that we owe you someone ‘extra juicy’, who doesn’t need to exaggerate the size of his stocking! Meet our DE-licious hunk of the week — our dynamite Vegas candy Damon Danilo, an extremely well hung stud who proudly displays all his goodies, as he should 😜.

There isn’t much we need to know about Damon Danilo, other than he isn’t shy about his body, he has the dreamiest baby blue eyes, is an avid dog lover/owner, and is a lady worshiper … yeah, sorry to disappoint the boys, but this hunk of beef is 100% straight. Our DamonDanilo infatuation is purely physical, from his amazingly carved physique, ripped 12 pack sexy abs, impressive pumping muscles, stroking his 10” snake (@jimmyzproductions) which is described by his fans as a “national treasure”, as well as his boasts of “legendary landscaping skillswe’d like to experience, all the way to his x-rated ‘workouts’ (@hardmenonline) 😍! If you’re ever in vicinity of Las Vegas, this hunk of grade A beef, with enough meat to satisfy even our hunger, can be your sex slave for the night! … Uuhhh temptation, temptation … we could watch him pump alllll day and aallllllllllllll night … seriously 👅👅 … but we can’t share any more of our twisted Damon fantasies without ending up in time outs and sleeping on our uncomfortable couches, hot Damn!

So we invite you to sit back, relax, grab a toy, and enjoy the explosive ride that is 100% muscle and 200% mouth-watering hotdog:

DD33 DD23 DD22 DD31 DD41 DD7 DD9DD34 DD10DD19 DD32 DD11 DD14 DD39 DD21 DD37 DD4 DD12 DD35 DD13

Hungry anyone? We suddenly feel like having a nice, big, long, firm, Damon sized, perfectly pink, juicy hot dog! Yummm!

We apologize about all the crotch rocket teasers, but when we first embarked on our Man Candy journey, agreeing that somethings are just better left to the imagination, your two Notorious Naughty N’s have decided to use everything but frontal nudity in our Man Candy posts. So you can just imagine all the hard work we’ve put into this post, drooling while  😅😂 covering up Damon’s supersize attributes with oversized stickers. For full DE-licious Damon effect, in all his frank and beanned glory, feel free to ‘google’ him … we double dog dare you to find out how many strokes it takes to get to the center of our DamonDanilo 😝!

… or,  you could always stop by his Twitter account where he teases us with his #TowelTuesday or (our personal favorite) gem displaying #WillyWednesdays selfies, yay!!! If you pay close attention to Damon’s Twitter, you can also find links to his other sexy sights, where you can video chat with him and watch him stroke his huge tool 😍! It is no wonder this weapon wielding terminator ready to exterminate has 14.5K followers.

Have you joined the DamonDanilo club yet? We double Damon dare you 😉


We’re off to our showers, but not before we wish you a DE-liciously super-sized weekend 😇😇


Twining with my Style Crush

Style 1

Just because they don’t wear dresses, push-up bras and heels, does’t mean that men can’t influence our every day style. Meet our blogger friend, a man who never fails to entertain and inspire us.

For those of you who haven’t met him yet, Mr Tzachas of style’n’tonic is a hunk who, on his fabulous blog, rocks male fashion like it’s no one’s business. His bold and fearless approach to clothing makes t-shirt and jean wearing effortlessly trendy and cool. With an uncanny eye for detail, no style’n’tonic’s look is complete without a swathe of ideal footwear, sunglasses and accessories. Set along matching backdrops and accompanied by sublime music choices to set the mood for each unique outfit, his posts look like they’ve come right out of a fashion magazine. Needless to say, he always makes me look forward to his next post with anticipation and admiration, wishing I could somehow be there with him … having a spakling drink, or two, or … ahem … and you all know how creative I can be when inspiration strikes, hehe.

Paying a well deserved homage to our fashionable friend, a hottie who has ‘style’ rooted in his DNA (and hoping he approves). Keep ’em coming Mr Fabulous 😉
Style 3 Style 5

Style10 Style12 Style11 Style15 Style14 Style16 Style24 Style17 Style18 Style20 Style21 Style23 Style19Style 2

If you aren’t following him already, you are truly missing out. Hurry on over to Mr Tzachas’ stylish Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, and don’t forget to let me know all about the man who inspires your everyday style.




Saturday Man Candy: Mr. Hot Italiano Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio Hot

Ciao ladies (and gents)! Our apologies for taking a short man candy hiatus, however it takes a very special type of male specimen to get our motivation going and our juices flowing and Mamma Mia! have we found the perfect man for this purpose. Italy has given us pizza, Ferraris and Armani suits, but arguably its greatest gift to womankind is our Italian Stallion, Mariano Di Vaio. One look at our Italian slice of heaven and suddenly we’re in the mood for some of his hot and spicy Italian sausage. Hungry anyone? 😉

Born in 1989 (yes, we like ’em young and ripe for the pickin’ – don’t judge), Mariano is a model/actor turned fashion blogger. In 2012, our European studmuffin started his own blog which quickly became recognized as one of the most influential men’s street style blogs worldwide. Mariano’s already worked with some of the leading brands of the fashion world and attracted the attention of the most famous magazines. With his finely chiseled features and those seductive eyes (which could penetrate right into our panties), our Italian dreamboat has attracted our full and lust-ful attention.

Mariano Di Vaio Eyes Mariano Di Vaio Eyes 2 Mariano Di Vaio Smoke Mariano Di Vaio Bedroom Eyes

Not only is Mariano a hunky feast for the eyes, he exudes style from every muscle of his Adonis-like being. Whether dressed up in a suit and tie or dressed down…ahem…whom are we kidding?? We just want to rip his clothes off…with our teeth.

Mariano Di Vaio Stylish 2 Mariano Di Vaio Stylish 3 Mariano Di Vaio Outfit Mariano Di Vaio Stylish Mariano Di Vaio Suit

Mariano describes his style as a “balance between comfort and elegance”, but we like him best shirtless and flexing his muscles for us while he works on his impeccable physique.

Mariano Di Vaio Gym 2

Oohhh La La Lucky Lady :P

Mariano Di Vaio Shirtless Mariano Di Vaio Boxers

And, yes, even Mariano’s selfie wants to make love to Mariano’s selfie ;P

Maariano Di Vaio Selfies

One thing we absolutely love about our Hot Italiano’s blog is his kiddie collabs …Mariano plus an adorable little man equals cuteness overload in one picture. A stud who loves kids? *double swoon*

Mariano Di Vaio Kids

The ladies (and the gents) LOVE Mariano as proven by his HUGE following on Instagram and Facebook and, even though we’d love to keep this tasty man treat all to ourselves, Mariano LOVEs sharing his stylish self with all of us. Check out for plenty of droolworthy photos and videos.

Ciao Bello!

Mariano Gif



Saturday Man Candy: Smoldering Ian Somerhalder

Which male hunk gives us the ultimate “lady boner” with just one gaze – Rob Lowe or Ian Somerhalder? We have to admit their resemblance to each other is uncanny. And not since Rob’s perfect ass shot scene in About Last Night have we wanted to sink our teeth into something so delectable until we feasted our eyes on Ian Somerhalder’s shirtless bod!…YUM YUM come to MAMA! 

Rob Lowe About Last Night Rob Lowe About Last Night 2

Ian first caught our attention in the series Lost where he starred opposite heart-throb galore, Matthew Fox. Just imagine being castaway on a deserted island with Jack and Boone from Lost…man candy sandwich, anyone?


Ian has since convinced us that all vampires must be fangbangingly hot in the role of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Okay,okay we admit it. There’s only one reason why we tune into TVD – the possibility of seeing Ian shirtless. Psshhhh…oh come on, leave us and our raging lady hormones alone.

And there are plenty of reasons why we think that most of our man candy fans would climb this fine specimen like a tree 😉 :

Got smoldering bedroom eyes which can unhook your bra with just one look? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Eyes 2 Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Got a mouth-watering bod? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Shirtless

Got style? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Style

Got humanitarianism? Check!

(Check out the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to find out more about Ian’s work with environmental and animal rights.)

Ian Somrhalder Foundation

Got neck sucking skillzzz? Ding Ding!


Yes ladies, Ian’s oral skills are pretty impressive, aren’t they? We’d be happy to sacrifice our necks and other body parts to that magically delicious mouth. We’d just have one request – Bite. Me. Harder. Ian. Baby. 😉

Bite Me Harder Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder gif

Wishing you a SMOLDERING weekend.