Twining with my Style Crush

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Just because they don’t wear dresses, push-up bras and heels, does’t mean that men can’t influence our every day style. Meet our blogger friend, a man who never fails to entertain and inspire us.

For those of you who haven’t met him yet, Mr Tzachas of style’n’tonic is a hunk who, on his fabulous blog, rocks male fashion like it’s no one’s business. His bold and fearless approach to clothing makes t-shirt and jean wearing effortlessly trendy and cool. With an uncanny eye for detail, no style’n’tonic’s look is complete without a swathe of ideal footwear, sunglasses and accessories. Set along matching backdrops and accompanied by sublime music choices to set the mood for each unique outfit, his posts look like they’ve come right out of a fashion magazine. Needless to say, he always makes me look forward to his next post with anticipation and admiration, wishing I could somehow be there with him … having a spakling drink, or two, or … ahem … and you all know how creative I can be when inspiration strikes, hehe.

Paying a well deserved homage to our fashionable friend, a hottie who has ‘style’ rooted in his DNA (and hoping he approves). Keep ‘em coming Mr Fabulous ;)
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If you aren’t following him already, you are truly missing out. Hurry on over to Mr Tzachas’ stylish Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, and don’t forget to let me know all about the man who inspires your everyday style.




Saturday Man Candy: Mr. Hot Italiano Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio Hot

Ciao ladies (and gents)! Our apologies for taking a short man candy hiatus, however it takes a very special type of male specimen to get our motivation going and our juices flowing and Mamma Mia! have we found the perfect man for this purpose. Italy has given us pizza, Ferraris and Armani suits, but arguably its greatest gift to womankind is our Italian Stallion, Mariano Di Vaio. One look at our Italian slice of heaven and suddenly we’re in the mood for some of his hot and spicy Italian sausage. Hungry anyone? ;)

Born in 1989 (yes, we like ‘em young and ripe for the pickin’ – don’t judge), Mariano is a model/actor turned fashion blogger. In 2012, our European studmuffin started his own blog which quickly became recognized as one of the most influential men’s street style blogs worldwide. Mariano’s already worked with some of the leading brands of the fashion world and attracted the attention of the most famous magazines. With his finely chiseled features and those seductive eyes (which could penetrate right into our panties), our Italian dreamboat has attracted our full and lust-ful attention.

Mariano Di Vaio Eyes Mariano Di Vaio Eyes 2 Mariano Di Vaio Smoke Mariano Di Vaio Bedroom Eyes

Not only is Mariano a hunky feast for the eyes, he exudes style from every muscle of his Adonis-like being. Whether dressed up in a suit and tie or dressed down…ahem…whom are we kidding?? We just want to rip his clothes off…with our teeth.

Mariano Di Vaio Stylish 2 Mariano Di Vaio Stylish 3 Mariano Di Vaio Outfit Mariano Di Vaio Stylish Mariano Di Vaio Suit

Mariano describes his style as a “balance between comfort and elegance”, but we like him best shirtless and flexing his muscles for us while he works on his impeccable physique.

Mariano Di Vaio Gym 2

Oohhh La La Lucky Lady :P

Mariano Di Vaio Shirtless Mariano Di Vaio Boxers

And, yes, even Mariano’s selfie wants to make love to Mariano’s selfie ;P

Maariano Di Vaio Selfies

One thing we absolutely love about our Hot Italiano’s blog is his kiddie collabs …Mariano plus an adorable little man equals cuteness overload in one picture. A stud who loves kids? *double swoon*

Mariano Di Vaio Kids

The ladies (and the gents) LOVE Mariano as proven by his HUGE following on Instagram and Facebook and, even though we’d love to keep this tasty man treat all to ourselves, Mariano LOVEs sharing his stylish self with all of us. Check out for plenty of droolworthy photos and videos.

Ciao Bello!

Mariano Gif



Saturday Man Candy: Smoldering Ian Somerhalder

Which male hunk gives us the ultimate “lady boner” with just one gaze – Rob Lowe or Ian Somerhalder? We have to admit their resemblance to each other is uncanny. And not since Rob’s perfect ass shot scene in About Last Night have we wanted to sink our teeth into something so delectable until we feasted our eyes on Ian Somerhalder’s shirtless bod!…YUM YUM come to MAMA! 

Rob Lowe About Last Night Rob Lowe About Last Night 2

Ian first caught our attention in the series Lost where he starred opposite heart-throb galore, Matthew Fox. Just imagine being castaway on a deserted island with Jack and Boone from Lost…man candy sandwich, anyone?


Ian has since convinced us that all vampires must be fangbangingly hot in the role of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Okay,okay we admit it. There’s only one reason why we tune into TVD – the possibility of seeing Ian shirtless. Psshhhh…oh come on, leave us and our raging lady hormones alone.

And there are plenty of reasons why we think that most of our man candy fans would climb this fine specimen like a tree ;) :

Got smoldering bedroom eyes which can unhook your bra with just one look? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Eyes 2 Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Got a mouth-watering bod? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Shirtless

Got style? Check!

Ian Somerhalder Style

Got humanitarianism? Check!

(Check out the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to find out more about Ian’s work with environmental and animal rights.)

Ian Somrhalder Foundation

Got neck sucking skillzzz? Ding Ding!


Yes ladies, Ian’s oral skills are pretty impressive, aren’t they? We’d be happy to sacrifice our necks and other body parts to that magically delicious mouth. We’d just have one request – Bite. Me. Harder. Ian. Baby. ;)

Bite Me Harder Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder gif

Wishing you a SMOLDERING weekend.


Saturday Man Candy: Hercules Hottie Kellan Lutz


Move over Kevin Sorbo, there’s a new Hercules in town and his name is Kellan Lutz, the sexiest leg bearing, loincloth parading, abtastic corn-fed hottie to ever be called “Hercules”!

Some of you may know of our infatuation with superheroes, and this 6’1, blue-eyed mid-western hunk of beef fits right in with our bulging muscle fantasies … of course, you know which muscles we’re referring to ;).   With his washboard abs, bulging pecs, juicy thighs and tiny frocks, our Man Candy Kellan is more than equipped to fill the role of one of the most famous demigods of legendary strength. According to the Greek mythology, when Hera bared her breast to baby Hercules, he sucked with such force that she had to tear him from her breast. Hmmmm, a skillful man … Kellan can suckle on any of our body parts, and between the two of us, he’s got plenty to suckle on, all the way to the Milky Way.


If “EVERY MAN HAS A DESTINY” then may ours be to have a one on one with Kellan and his big stick?



Smokehouse Kellan Lutz first tormented us as one of the faces of Calvin Klein’s sexy and bulging underwear campaign ads, and we liked what we saw — very much! ‘X’ doesn’t even begin to mark the spot … we’ll take it all!

kl6 kl5 20

You also might remember this hot piece of Man Candy from the ‘Twilight’ saga were he played Emmet, the most physically powerful of the Cullen vampires, giving us a lot to drool over. He claims that he used his modeling skills to help him relax in front of the lens … and we say that Kellan definitely had some skills, we were on Team Emmet from his first scene.

Golden boy or dark and dreamy, with those juicy lips and rippling physique, this delectable man candy is the perfect treat to bring a heat wave to the chilly start of the 2014. Kellan and Hercules have a lot in common starting with his suckling expertise … we can think of a few things that taste much better than your necklace and that watermelon, hun.


kl10 kl11


Though we can’t help but to admire a dapper dresser who even makes sweat look good,



we must admit that we prefer this steamy screen star wearing preferably nothing at all, or as little as possible, like the teasing frock he’s strutting around in for whole 98 pleasurable minutes while playing the part of Hercules, the son of Zeus, a lusty half-god, half-man blessed with extraordinary strength … we don’t find Kellan ‘half‘ of anything. Kellan Lutz is definitely a full packaged deal.

3D viewing strongly recommended for your pleasure.



Wishing you all a suckling weekend with a Milky Way ending! 



Saturday Man Candy: Dr. McHottie Travis Stork


Is there a Doctor in the house? We’ve got one, or a few ;), you know us, the more the merrier! New Year is all about ‘Good Health and Happiness’ so what could be better than ringing in the New Year with our burger of the month, Dr. McHottie – Travis Stork!

Over the last few steamy decades, our TV sets have gone into overheat with some of the hottest famous Doctor studs, like these:


Dr.Carlisle Cullen, Dr.Christian Troy, Dr.Gregory House and Dr.Zhivago,


Dr.McDreamy, Dr.Sean McNamara, Dr.Jones and Dr.Sherlock Holmes

and let us not forget this one Doctor Stud who made everyone’s blood pressure rise (and that’s just with this smile) …


The one and only Dr.McSteamy!!!

Aha, we’ve gotten your attention now! Yes, It’s pretty obvious why that bowl is grinning so wide … ahem, getting back to our Colorado babe in made for easy access blue scrubs whose Rocky Mountains we’ve mounted countless times in our dreams. Travis Stork may be a man of infinite health wisdom, but we’ll sheepishly admit that we only watch The Doctors show to salivate over Travis, hopelessly awaiting for him to place him self in another compromising, preferably shirtless, position we can drool over. Here’s one of our fave Travis TV moments, for bulging reasons you might appreciate 😝

now, that’s what we call a perfect execution of the pelvic thrusts … more please.👍👍💋

Yes dear readers, admittedly we love Dr. Stork the most when he’s in various state of undress, and he’s often too eager to please us, as he uses him self as a guinea pig in health experiments on the show. With those baby blues, gorgeous smile, broad shoulders .. ahem, whom are we kidding? .. a greek god torso with a perfectly sculpted six pack and the ever tempting bulge that makes us wish we can undo the drawstring on those scrub pants with our teeth while melting with feverish need for his injection. Yes Doc, we have an emergency and need you to check our pipes … pronto!


Now here’s a job we’d be very good at ;)

dr8 dr12 dr9


Every time Travis flexes his pecs, we like to think he keeps him self in fabulous shape just for us, hihi … Though we seriously doubt there’s any help for these two naughties, we could all use a little bit of Dr. Stork, purely for healing purposes … aahhaa … and definitely not to play out our “Oh Dr. Stork, how long is your stethoscope” or “help me Doc, we need your implant” fantasies. Needless to say, if the apple a day theory is true, then no apples for these cray-cray gals … as long as Dr. Stork is around to heal us.

Wishing you all a

📣 Happy and Healthy New Year, 🎉

and should you need to see a Doctor, may he be as sexy and bulging as Dr. Stork

(pelvic thrusts included)!

Cheers 🍸🍸






A Christmas Wish and Giveaway Winner!

It’s Christmas and we’ve come bearing gifts!  If we were Santa, we would grant all your wishes and leave one of these under every gal’s tree. It’s been a long, thick and hard year and we’re all soooooo deserving to end it in such fashion! Besides, we hear that ‘naughty‘ is the new ‘nice‘ … so why not treat ourselves to a well stuffed stocking we’d all like to tug on?




Speaking of BIG tasty treats, one of you has won a well endowed present from FreeUrCloset Santa! He’ll be making a special delivery as soon as you drop us a note with your info! Our busy Rafflecopter picked you as our Dick-in-a-Box Giveaway winner! 🎁 Enjoy!








Saturday Man Candy: Christmas Hunks Dick-in-a-Box Giveaway!!!

Festive greetings to all our Man Candy lovers! Nothing like feeling the Christmas spirit with some HO-HO-Half naked male cuties, and their well stuffed stockings, jingle balls, big packages and all … now let’s get you in a drooly jolly mood! We’ve promised you a special treat in our Christmas post … Let’s play a fun game! We’ve hidden your Christmas present somewhere within this post, see if you can find it!

Santa Baby,

‘Tiss the season for gifting, and we’re ready to receive. Our very long list is in and we’re sure Santa won’t mind if we give you a small preview of what we’re hoping to find under our Christmas tree … ummmm Yes please … make sure you double it up … 😋😜😍😘😝

mc5Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.23.01 PM mc66Screen Shot 2013-1yy2-13 at 4.42.09 PM mc19 mc1 mc162 Ribbet collag22e mc4 Ribbet colkklage Untitled86886 yamamay-christmas-for-men 392651_286635864719819_100001202223780_882385_1872292148_n[1] mc55 mc333

That’s right, lovelies, we thought shlong and hard, and decided to play Santa and share a Christmas treat with one of you who enters our ‘Dick-in-a-Box Giveaway!’ He’s very lonely and waiting for you to claim him. The winner will be announced on December 25th, so come on, don’t be shy, all you have to do is check out our new Man Candy Padlet wall (here!) and drop us a comment telling us who your favorite Man Candy is, enter through Rafflecopter below, and voila, a super long, thick and hard Christmas Dick-in-a-box could be making its way to your bedroom … after all, ’tiss the season that brings out the HO HO HOes in all of us ;)

So Santa baby,

Please hurry down our chimneys tonight!

R90ibbet collage

a Rafflecopter giveaway