2017 Mercedes G350d Professional

Many people when they hear the name “Mercedes” what strikes
their mind is a stylish and very attractive sedan with all the
ultimate luxury features available in the automobile world.
Many of these people believe that Mercedes models are too
smooth for the off roads. However, you will be surprised to
learn that the automaker actually offers a model specifically
tuned to navigate the off road terrains.

Mercedes first introduced the G-Class in 1979 as a fully
dedicated off-roader. However, one upgrade after another, the
model slowly became a luxurious SUV. However, the automaker has
decided to bring back the ideals of the original model. The new
model is specifically tuned for off-road use. The original
model was a huge hit with humanitarian organizations
particularly in areas with demanding terrains like in African
countries. The vehicle was also popular in the military. 
The new model is christened the 2017 Mercedes G350d


2017 Mercedes G350d Professional Exterior

The exterior looks all ready to devour any terrain.  The
front is characterized by a matte black radiator grille.
 Flanking the grille are new headlights and turn signals
with protective guards. The vehicle also features a
roof-mounted cargo rack which is accessed via a ladder mounted
at the rear. The vehicle also features protective side steps.

Mercedes has modified its suspension compared to the regular
model to feature a ground clearance of 245 mm which is 10 mm
better than the standard G350d. The new model also features
better approach and departure angles at 35 degrees and 39
degrees respectively. For comparison, the standard model has an
approach and departure angle of 30 degrees.  In addition,
the model comes with a fording depth of 600 mm.


To further differentiate the model from the regular G350d,
Mercedes has fitted the Professional with old-school towing
mirrors as well as a rear split steel bumper which allows a tow
hitch and twin recovery hooks.

The model rides on 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 265/70
all-terrain tires. The Professional’s exterior is offered in 11
metallic finishes and 2 non-metallic finishes. The finishes
include the China Blue and Desert Sand special pint works. For
extra cash, you get a steel front bumper which comes with
preparation for a cable.

A Professional Off-Road package is also offered. It packs dark
tinted windows, protective grilles for the lights, a roof rack
with a ladder, a cargo net, a load compartment cover, a load
protection package and a fixed trailer coupling.


2017 Mercedes G350d Professional Interior

The interior of the model is spanking new. The new interior is
adopted from the W463 Series. The new interior has been
modified to fall in line with other G-Class models.

In a bid to make the model look more utilitarian as opposed to
luxurious, the automaker has used a quality cloth instead of
leather or Alcantara for the seats. Nonetheless, the seats are
heated. The front seats are partially power-adjustable while
the vehicle’s floor is covered in rubber mats.

You will be surprised to learn that the model features drain
holes in its belly which help drain the water when you decide
to use a hose to spruce it up, it can’t get more utilitarian,
can it?


The new cabin also features a 4-spoke, multifunction steering
wheel. The model retains the traditional analogue gauges but
Mercedes has added an infotainment system with a display screen
between the gauges.

The center console holds the new electronic shifter while the
center stack features controls for the dual-zone climate
control system, an upgraded radio and other controls which are
finished in satin chrome. Both the center console and center
stack design is new. The cabin also features electric windows.

At the rear of the cabin is a large cargo space with a wooden
floor which slides out for easy loading of cargo. The automaker
has also added a metal barrier behind the second row to prevent
cargo from hitting passengers when the vehicle bounces in rough


Engine Specs and performance

Under the hood of the new 2017 Mercedes G350d Professional is a
turbodiesel 3.0 L, V-6 engine which is capable of 245 hp and
442 lb-ft of torque. The new engine presents 64 hp and 147
lb-ft more than the outgoing 3.0 L, V-6 turbodiesel engine.

The power is sent to all wheels via a 7-speed Tronic Plus
transmission system which combines with a G’s full-time 4WD
system that features low-range gears. The new engine is also
more fuel economical and it’s rated at 23.8 mpg on combined
drives, a 15.4% improvement over the outgoing engine. The new
engine enables the model to tow as much as 3,200 kg.

The model has an impressive ability to crawl or climb over
different obstacles. This is courtesy of its three mechanical
locking differentials which distribute power evenly between the
axles and side to side between its wheels.


Price and release date

The 2017 G350d Professional has an MSRP of €79,968 ($89,500).
As you can see, it does not come cheap but its functionality is
worth every dime you spend on it. The automaker started
accepting orders on 1st June. Deliveries will
commence in September. Unfortunately, enthusiasts in North
America won’t be getting the G350d Professional.


The Land Rover Defender is the only worthy rival to the G350d
Professional in the high-class utilitarian-off-roading segment.
Since Land Rover has halted sales of the defender, the Merc’
will enjoy a monopoly in the market for the short while before
the Defender comes back.