2016 Subaru STI Performance Concept

Subaru is widely known to produce reliable, safe and fuel
efficient models but more so due to their highly performance
power-trains. This is courtesy of their turbocharged boxer
engines and their excellent all-wheel drive systems.

In a bid to increase its presence on the high-performance
market segment, Subaru is looking to expand its Subaru
Technical International (STI) division. The expansion is
already in progress as the division’s engineered parts have
replaced the Subaru Performance Tuning aftermarket parts in the
US. The division has also increased its presence in the Subaru
of America Global RallyCross team.

The recent unveiling of the 2016 Subaru STI Performance concept
model, an aggressive coupe based on the Subaru
BRZ goes a long way to show their intent.


2016 Subaru STI Performance Exterior

The outside has been restyled to offer a more dramatic look as
well as improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. At the front, the
vehicle features a redesigned bumper and grille. There are also
deeper air intakes.

The rear features a gigantic carbon-fiber trimmed wing, a huge
diffuser and center-mounted twin exhaust tips. The rear also
has aggressive air intakes which pull air out of its hot brakes
and help improve its underbody aerodynamics.

There is a huge dose of carbon-fiber use all over including the
roof panel which helps lower its center of gravity. The vehicle
also features a wide track which improves its handling and
cornering. It rides on 18-inch wheels.


2016 Subaru STI Performance Interior

The BRZ has also received STI enhancements on the cabin but the
BRZ already being a performance focused model, STI didn’t have
to do much. The coupe accommodates two passengers. Some of the
new additions include a carbon-fiber steering wheel which is
integrated with shift-lights.

The vehicle also features bolstered racing seats wrapped in
alcantara with STI logos on their headrests. There is also a
“race widget” screen mounted at the center of the dash. It
displays information about the vehicle such as its G-load.


Engine Specs

Surprisingly, the BRZ is the only model in the Subaru lineup
that does not use a turbocharger. The automaker has previously
argued that using a turbocharger on the BRZ was not feasible as
it has a limited under-bonnet space.

The STI show car was fitted with a 2.0 L boxer, 4-cylinder
engine which produces 300 hp. This engine was sourced from the
BRZ GT300 racer. However, here at nicecarsinfo.com believe that
this engine will not be production friendly.


We believe having managed to install the Super GT ‘EJ20’ engine
on the BRZ’s limited under-bonnet; it demonstrates a
turbocharged 2.0 L engine in an unmodified road-car shell can
fit. A turbocharged engine will be more production-friendly
paving way for early production.

The BRZ lack of outright power has received frequent criticism
from many quarters. As such, a more powerful BRZ will be very
welcome to its enthusiasts since its redesigns failed to
address its lack of proper muscle for a sports car.


Price and release date

When launching the show car, the Subaru of America CEO Thomas J
Doll said that the show car is just a concept that previews a
more powerful BRZ variant. He reckoned that a lot needs to be
done before the production model hits the road.

As for the price, we believe it will be the most expensive BRZ;
therefore expect a price of over $30,000.


As of now, it looks likely that the BRZ will receive STI
enhancements. However the automaker might decide to expand its
range which will help them compete with many cars including the
likes of
Ford Mustang, Hyundai Genesis Coupe and even the likes of
A4 and BMW
3-Series. The current STI-badged WRX rivals the
Mitsubishi Evo.