2016 Honda Jazz Review

The Honda Jazz is a reliable subcompact model from Honda
that has been in production since as early as 2001 with
great sales and many alterations throughout the years.

This little car is great for everyday commuting and gives
the owner great style for a very affordable price with
several extras to choose from too. Take a look at this
review to see what upgrades you can expect from the 2016
Honda Jazz including price, fuel consumption, and hybrid
options to suit your needs perfectly.

Honda-Jazz_2016 NCI


While there will be few major alterations in the 2016
Honda Jazz you can expect to see some minor alterations
to make your driving experience more enjoyable on a daily
basis. The current model will have a similar body to
other models sporting the classic short hood, noticeable
large headlights, and a distinguished grill for great
style. Top all of this off with the convenience of four
doors and the ability to seat five adult passengers
comfortably for a great driving experience no matter the

Engine and Honda Jazz Hybrid 

In the 2016 Honda Jazz you will also have the option to
purchase a hybrid engine package as well as the option to
choose from the standard engine for this model. If you
select the standard engine that will come with the basic
options for this model you will be getting a 1.3 liter
engine with Inline-4 components that boast 130 horsepower
and 100 pounds of torque for this small car.

2016 Honda-Jazz 1 NCI

You can choose either a manual six speed gearing option
or an automatic transmission with seven speeds as an
optional upgrade in this model. The automatic
transmission will allow you to have all around better
fuel consumption with 33 mpg when driving in the city and
42 mpg if you are travelling on the highway. Numbers are
a bit lower for the manual transmission. It clocks in at
29 mpg for city driving and 37 mpg if you want to travel
on the highway.

Consumers will have to wait a bit longer for the hybrid
option in this model though as it is expected to see a
release date that is after that of the standard base
engine. The hybrid engine will have just a few
differences although this is mainly noted in the
increased horsepower of 150. Buyers can expect this
engine to offer seven speeds in an automatic transmission
for better mileage capabilities.


Price And Release Date

The final price of this car is expected to roll out at
around $17,000, but there have been no concrete
announcements as of yet to confirm that. The Honda
claims that the release date be in the middle of year

2016-Honda-Jazz NCI