2016 Ferrari F12 tdf

There are only a few street-legal cars in the world with 700
plus horsepower. The Ferrari
F12 Berlinetta happens to be one of them. Ferrari is
planning to launch a new model to commemorate its dominance on
the “Tour De France” road race.

The vehicle dominated this race for one decade from 1950 to
1960. In particular, the 1956 model won four consecutive
events. The Model will change its nametag to the “ 2016 F12 tdf
” to go with the occasion.


2016 Ferrari F12 tdf Exterior

The body of the F12 tdf is much lighter than the Berlinetta on
which it is based due to extensive use of carbon fiber inside
and out.  It weighs 1,520 kg which is 110 kg less than the
Berlinetta. The vehicle’s aerodynamics has also been changed to
improve its cornering ability and speed.

The new bodywork features a longer and higher rear spoiler, a
redesigned rear diffuser and large air vents to channel air
flow along the vehicle’s sides. The vehicle rides on 20-inch
alloy wheels. The front wheels are wrapped in larger tires for
greater lateral acceleration when maneuvering corners.


2016 Ferrari F12 tdf Interior

Sliding into the cabin, you will be met by a largely clean
cabin which is track-focused. This was done deliberately
according to Ferrari. The door panels feature a carbon-fiber
trim and the traditional glovebox has been replaced by knee


The cabin also features a huge dose of Alcantara in place of
real leather. Further, to show its track-focused character, the
cabin features aluminum plates on the floor rather than mats.
The vehicle has excellent traction and stability control which
improve its grip and help keep things in order.


Engine Specs and Performance

The F12 tdf comes with even more power under the hood compared
to the Berlinetta.  It will be powered by a similar 6.3 L,
V-12 engine in the Berlinetta.

However, the engine on the 2016 Ferrari F12 tdf has been tuned
to produce 769 hp compared to the Berlinetta’s 731 hp @ 8,500
rpm. The tuning has also shot up torque from 509 lb-ft to 520
lb-ft of torque @ 6,750 rpm. It has been so tuned so that 80%
of maximum torque is available from as low as 2,500 rpm.


The engine powers the car to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just
2.9 seconds and has a top speed of over 211 mph. The engine is
rated to deliver a fuel efficiency of 18.3 mpg on combined
drives and a CO2 emission of 360g/km. The impressive fuel
efficiency is courtesy of modifications borrowed from the F1

The engine is mated to a 7-speed, F1 sourced dual-clutch
automatic transmission system with shorter gear ratios. The
vehicle is also hooked up with one-piece brake calipers sourced
from the LaFerrari
supercar which allow the F12 tdf to brake from 60-0 mph in an
outstanding 30.5 meters.

The vehicle has also been equipped with a rear-wheel steering
system referred to as “Virtual Short Wheelbase”. This system
adjusts the rear wheels automatically for maximum steering
angle thus increasing its stability at high speeds.



Price and release date

Only 799 units of the 2016 Ferrari F12 tdf will be produced.
The automaker is yet to disclose official details about its
price and release date. However, the sports car is expected to
cost around $ 320,000.