A FreeUrCloset Merry X’mas Threesome

“What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. “
We love Christmas!  And even though we now live in two different states, this Christmas our only wish was to get together and do what we do best – pose for the camera! Finding a true friend who will stick with you through thick and thin is a rare gift and so we cherish our forever fabulous friendship.  These two cray cray ladies will always find a reason to celebrate, drink, shop, drink some more …and worship David Gandy. After all, only your best friend understands that when you say “I saw my boyfriend today” you are not referring to the hubs, but rather the hot guy that has no clue you even exist (hihihi).
So this holiday season, we decided to don our Sunday “X’mas” best and hit the mall for some serious bff retail therapy!
Christmas Outfits 6Christmas Outfits 8Christmas Outfits 10Christmas Outfits 12Christmas Outfits 14Christmas Outfits 15Christmas Outfits 16Christmas Outfits 18
With visions of white panties….perhaps Santa will deliver some Gandy candy under our X’mas trees hehe ;P
DG-Christmas-2014-xChristmas Outfits 5David-Gandy-Christmas-2014
Christmas Wishes


OOTD: Uber Exciting Play Date

IMG_3168With all the cleaning/cooking/shopping/party planning, Holidays can be quite stressful, but never fear, H&M’s cleaver jumpsuit is here! Woo-hoo! Forget about staring at your closet, trying to find just the right top to wear with your pants. How fabulous is it to crawl out of bed and reach for only one thing to wear? Priced at only $19.95, this khaki jumpsuit is super versatile, too. It’s just the thing to wear for shopping, running errands, PTA meetings or to a much needed de-stressing play date at the park.

Styling this one piece is a no brainer. I usually wear it with my black Chuck Taylor high tops, throw on a black beanie, a busy print infinity scarf, and I’m out the door. Because this jumpsuit is so versatile, recently I’ve even dressed it up for a date night. Curious? Stay tuned for my next post …

As far as I’m concerned, fashion has no rules and transcends age and gender. To prove my point, for this post I went back to my NYC girl roots, and had fun dressing up old school style, since it seems to be back in a big way (ahhh, only wishing I had kept my old Timberlands and Dr.Martens, hehe).

Onesies, comfortable jumpsuits, playdates … why should the kids get to have all the fun? Not on FreeUrCloset blog. Here kiddos get to take pictures of mommy having a blast at the park,😜😝 Of course, I let them join in when we finished with pictures … and the last photo here describes it all 😱.

IMG_3148 IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3172 IMG_3180 IMG_3162 IMG_3165 IMG_3266 IMG_3189 IMG_3216 IMG_3213 IMG_3193 IMG_3231IMG_3229 Jumpsuit: H&M / Hat: Co Phoenix Fashion Week, similar here / Boots: Madden Girl / Belt: H&M /  Backpack: Rosetti, similar here / Watch: Esprit / Necklace: Pull&Bear  

 Hoping you all find ways to stay stress free, and enjoy the four day weekend with your families!

🍲🍞Happy Turkey Day!🍷🍷 Gobble Gobble! 🍗🍗

Saturday Man Candy: Babe-a-licious Bearded Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 5

Yes, ladies (and gents)…PRAISE SWEDEN…for giving birth to Swedish Fish and this week’s Saturday Man Candy perfection! His name is Ben Dahlhaus and he can “Ben-d” us over anytime. No, really Ben Dahlhaus, take us now please. HARD.

We don’t know much about Ben, other than he has us daily worshiping at his altar as we stalk his Instagram account. And his Facebook account. And, yes, even his Twitter. And after staring (and salivating) over his delicious face and bod, we’ve become believers and have many reasons why we can’t resist wanting this Sexy Young Beast :

Ben looks like a HOT JESUS.

And there’s nothing Christian about what we’d like to do to our bearded Godly man.  We feel blasphemous for thinking of Ben making us scream “Hallelujah”!!! But when it comes to Ben, we just can’t put our ladyboners away. Forgive us Father for we have sinned. And sinned and sinned and sinned ;P

Ben Dahlhaus 11 Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 2

Ben’s beard says SEX. All. night. long.

Ladies, just think about the damage that long and thick beard can do downtown. We’d like to call it the “orgasm booster” that is sure to take us to heaven and beyond.

Ben Dahlhaus 10 Ben Dahlhaus 20

Soulful, Sultry, Hippie…and YOUNG, just how we like ‘em (hihihi).

We love that sensuous, sultry and sad-looking puppy face. Come hither, Ben, we’ll console you.

Ben Dahlhaus 15

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 3

We want to pet Ben. And his “puppy”. Slurpppp.

And we are mighty sure his “puppy” is as massive and impressive as his beard.

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 4

Ben Dahlhaus 17

Hoping you all Praise the Lord and sing Hallelujah! this weekend.


OOTD: Denim on Denim Craze

IMG_2638Being a huge Guess fan, I’ve always admired gorgeous denim Guess ads, and often pretended that I was bombacious Claudia Schiffer posing in my fab Guess jeans if only in front of the mirror. With denim on denim trend being all the rage, how many of you have thought about piling on your fave pieces of denim, only to change your minds and hang ‘em back in your closet? You are not alone. As much as I love to push fashion limits, I wasn’t sure this look was right for me, but I ‘guess‘ fashion rules are meant to be broken ;)  So I’ve decided to to a little research (and lots of drooling over all the Bruno Santos for Guess ads) and came up with a few simple rules on how to pull off this denim craze to perfection.

* Always mix different shades of denim and do keep in mind that darker washes create a slimming effect, while lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body areas they cover.

* Resist the temptation to whip out your cowboy boots, hats, and bolo ties, unless you want to look like you’re headed to the rodeo.

* Glam up your denim with some sexy (non denim) heels and funky jewelry.

* For a stylish finishing touch, accessorize your outfit with pop of color. You can add color with a brightly hued bag, a luxe looking blazer, a colorful teeshirt or a fabulous red lipstick.

* Inhale confidence, exhale doubt, and let your inner fab denim wearing Guess Girl come out and play.

IMG_2615 IMG_2635 IMG_2600IMG_2649 IMG_2589 IMG_2630 IMG_2634IMG_2613 IMG_2625 IMG_2645 IMG_2604 IMG_2651 IMG_2609 IMG_2639Denim shirt (old), Jeans (here), Suede booties, and Denim bag: Guess ? / Watch: Invicta / Striped crop top: Forever21 / Wrap leather bracelet: Buckle / Necklace + earring set and ring: BCF purchase.

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.

FreeUrCloset’s Devilishly Angelic Halloween


Halloween 17

Hey there friends, welcome to our naughty Halloween Bash! Today is our 2 year bloggaversary, and being that Halloween is just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it, than by trick and treating you to a fabulous costume party! Last year’s Halloween was devoted to our super sexy superhero crushes, but we’re celebrating this one with our favorite accessories — Mr. Kitty, and our ultimate man crush — fine and dandy Mr David Gandy (if only in spirit) … after all, no FreeUrCloset party would ever be complete without our favorite yummy Gandy candy treats

A holiday where we get to play dress up, be goofy together, throw a party every night of the week and eat Gandy? It’s hard not to get excited about Halloween, just ask our main squeeze, Mr Kitty in his angelically furry glory, who can’t keep his paws off his newest costume. Everyday should be Halloween!

You know your two naughty N‘s are always up to no good, and Halloween is our perfect time to shine. Being that this holiday is all about playing tricks, we’ve got a few in store for you. After a few too many margaritas and some very graphic Gandygasmic drooling/ogling, we decided to forgo disguises this year and simply go as our devilishly angelic selves, 😉 but if you think you know which one of us is naughty and which one is nice, think twice and take a closer look at our costumes. 😈😇

These days women have all the power, and there’s no question of us being good or bad girls because all we’d ever admit to is being good girls with lots of bad habits. As good girls living in a big bad world, like most women, we know how best to use our charms to our advantage, and as bad girls, pretending to be good girls, we know how to keep you coming back for more. So when we’re good, we’re really good, but when we’re bad, we’re even better! 😜 😝

Welcome to our naughty Halloween party, and thanks for joining in the fun and letting us trick and treat you to our idea of a wickedly good bloggaversary celebration!

Halloween 4 Halloween Costumes 2014 Halloween 2 Halloween 1 Halloween Costumes Angel and Devil Halloween 3Yummmmm,

who needs chocolate when you got Gandy candy 👅👅Halloween 1 Halloween 3 Halloween 7 Halloween 10 Halloween 11 Halloween 13 If good girls are made of sugar and spice,

add some limed tequila and ice

and have a wickedly good margarita with us!Halloween 20 Halloween 18 Halloween 15
Halloween 22Halloween 7 Who cares about being naughty or nice,

we just want to be the girls who get David’s candy 😇😈Halloween 2014

 Wishing you all a freakishly naughty, wickedly good, devilishly angelic,

Gandy filled Halloween! 

Saturday Man Candy: Make it with Flaming Thomas Beaudoin

Ahhhh Sauza, Sauza, Sauza … shaking our heads with appreciation … we’re in awe of your hunkvertising, especially when it comes to this week’s super hot and steamy Manly Candy – Thomas Beaudoin, who has us calling 911, needing his “immediate assistance”, in hopes of seeing his suspendered shirtless bod (long hose in tow) at our front door, in his low baritone voice saying “trust me, I’m a professional”. Slurp.

The point of being a fireman is to douse fires, but we confess that ever since we first saw smoking hawt Thomas in this sexy ad in 2012, he’s been setting our panties aflame. It’s been impossible not to hang on his every word as he blatantly uses sexual innuendos, helping us picture our little pussies being rescued by his big strong, fireman capable stroking hands. Mmmmmmmm

Sauza sure knows what women want … as if they’ve read our diaries. They couldn’t pick a better man for the job 💪 . Our kittens have been wet for this hunky Thomas (whom we’ve nicknamed Thomas “boudoir”). We’re still changing our panties every time the ad comes on TV.

This mouthwatering piece of Canadian bacon is very active in the ASPCA community, an accomplished actor, model, photographer, and has been featured in ads for Macy’s, Armani Exchange, Brooks Brothers, Ray Ban, and countless other brands, but it’s this ad that’s made Thomas a household name … maybe it’s the kinky suspenders, the way he licks that spoon, his speaking french to the kitten, the disappearing shirt, or is it his bar tending (with a twist) skills? Ahhhh … it is not his kitten we’re drooling over. Long hair or short, scruff or clean shaven, with those gorgeous greenish-gray bedroom eyes, when it comes to Mr. Boudoir, we don’t discriminate. He’s the Christian Grey that makes our kittens purr. Need more convincing?

Dark and dangerous:

tb13 tb14 tb11 tb10 tb9

Sexy CEO look:  Hmmmm do we spy a grey tie? Grrrrrrrrr ….


And to answer his ‘pants or leggings/jeggings’  dilemma, how about no clothes at all?   Yummmm 😜

 tb18tb1 tb4 tb3 tb2

911, We need you to send the Sauza fireman in his big red truck over to our house. There are two ladies in need of a ‘rescue’ … maybe we need help with our computer thingies, maybe we need him to put out our blazes, and, of course, give us CPR (french kiss style)“.  Thomas Beaudoin Boudoir, we need your immediate assistance! We’re thirsty and our spoons need your licking 😍😍. Hehe, we wanna make it with this flaming hawt fireman … no maybes about it.😜  Cheers to you Sauza! Keep ‘em coming!

Wishing you all a spoon licking and panty wetting weekend, with a ‘twist’  😝 

Oui Oui 😜

Laters baby, 🍹🍹

OOTD: Monkeying Around at Sterling Vineyards

IMG_2226Happy Thursday lovelies and welcome to my wine-down post! I guess it is true when the say that time flies when you’re having fun. With all the traveling I’ve done this past summer, I feel like October has just snuck up on me, but I’m not complaining. For me, October calls for a bit of a cool down and wine down, and what better way to wine down, then to visit a winery. Right? When it comes to wine, I live by the ‘It’s five o’clock somewhere‘ moto. So when Mr Fabulous suggested we do some wine tasting in Calistoga, CA, my bags were packed before he even finished his suggestion ;) .

Calistoga is a small city in Napa County, California, known for it’s great wine growing climate and lush and picturesque landscape. There are numerous wineries within a short drive, and one of them is Sterling Vineyards. Though their wine can be purchased in most stores, visiting this vineyard is a truly unique experience because of it’s short tram/gondola ride with breathtaking views of the surrounding Napa valley, and Sterling Vineyards Estates with beautiful pond and fountains below us. Yay! The wait for the tram was a bit long, but well organized and totally worth it.

20140719_142706#1 IMG_2164IMG_2175 lOnce we’ve reached the top of the hill, we found ourselves greeted by a friendly Sterling staff who welcomed us with a glass of chilled Pinot Gris, inviting us to enjoy the self guided tour which led us toward a large white building with high arches and bells, balconies and terraces.

IMG_2173lThough the tasting of five featured wines took place outside on the gorgeous terraces with breathtaking views, Mr Fabulous and I were pleasantly surprised that we were free to roam within the building, too, taking lots and lots of pictures in it’s art filled hallways, as we were led by a video tour through Sterling vine production and barrel storage. Wine in hand, red cheeked, smile plastered on our faces, we’ve even discovered a gift shop heaven!

IMG_2178IMG_2215IMG_2184IMG_2207 IMG_2200 IMG_2199 IMG_2194 IMG_2195IMG_219610590617_10202339709429944_4970049158590589485_n IMG_2202Crop top: Forever21 / Monkey print wide leg pants: WAYF for Nordstrom / Envelope clutch: Tory Burch / Wedges: Callisto of California / Watch: Esprit

I can not quite recall the trip back to our hotel, but I do remember feeling right at home with all these bottles of deliciousness! If you ever need to wine-down, and you find your self in the Calistoga area, try to stop by this charming vineyard for a very unique air tram and wine tasting experience.