Saturday Man Candy: 5 Reasons We all Need a Shirtless Cup O’ Joe

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 12

Joe: Morning baby. I made you coffee.

Me: But I’d rather have a strong and virile cup of Joe. I “Cannata” take my eyes off the way your hips complement that towel. Not to mention those ripped abs I’d like to expertly explore every inch of (with my tongue), sizeable manly man hands which scream touch me, touch me everywhere!, and a sultry “come hither” look that less than subtly suggests, Mr. Cup of Sexy, you are a giver of pure ecstasy in so many naughty ways (hihihi).

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend than with a sweet dose of our newly found eye candy obsession, Canadian hottie, Joseph CannataWe like to stalk follow hotties on Instagram (don’t judge, you sexy vixens among us, we know that you follow shirtless hunk accounts too 😉 ) and ever since we laid eyes on our Canadian dreamboat, we knew he was worthy of a Saturday Man Candy feature. Those eyes, that beard, the bod: let’s just skip a Joe bio because, honestly, we’ll let his abs do all the talking:

  1. Joe’s shirt is virtually non-existent in all his photos and that makes us very horny, ahem, happy.

Joseph Cannata Model4 Joseph Cannata shirtless13 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 9 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 16

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 18

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 5Joseph Cannata Shirtless 11

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 14

2. Is Joe a book lover? Is he a coffee addict? Who cares? He’s shirtless!Joseph Cannata Shirtless 73. He has a smouldering hot and suggestive way with his hands. And he’s shirtless.

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 17 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 10Joseph Cannata Shirtless 3 Joseph Cannata Shirtless 15

4. Joe is an animal lover. Did we mention there are very few photos of him not shirtless? 😉

Joseph Cannata Selfie3

Joseph Cannata Model2

5. He likes to hang with his dear mom…shirtless.

Joseph Cannata Shirtless 8Need your daily dose of Joe? Follow his Instagram account, here. C’mon, you know you want to – because he looks like THIS even with his shirt on #goodlawd!:

Joseph Cannata Model5 Joseph Cannata Selfie2

Joseph Cannata Selfie4

Cheers to a delicious Cup O’ Joe.



Keep Calm and Get Your Cougar On

Trick or Treat, ladies and gents? Even though we don’t mind a trick, our preference lies with a tasty treat that melts in our mouth and not in our hand. We always had an insatiable appetite for the sweet, long and hard candy … and for dressing up and having some adulterated fun on Halloween. And even though we couldn’t get together this Howl-iday and delight you all with one of our twinning costume posts, we decided to don our Purrrr-fect costumes, take photos and continue our Halloween tradition from afar.

Legend says that if you come across a cougar while walking in the woods or forest, back away slowly, raise your arms up and make yourself as LARGE as possible.  Hehehe… we wonder if that rings true for a human cougar whose prey is some shirtless and lusciously tasty young man meat treat. N&N thought it only appropriate to dress the part of the cougar on the prowl to find out… Purrrrr!!!! 😉

Halloween Cougar Costumes 4 Halloween Cougar Costumes 5 Halloween Cougar Costumes 6 Halloween Leg Ave Cougar Costume 3 Halloween Cougar Costumes 1 Halloween Cougar Costumes 2 Halloween Cougar Costumes 3 Halloween Leg Ave Cougar Costume 4

We hope your Howl-iday is Cougar-licious!

Keep Calm and Cougar On



Fall Accessories from Forgotten Cotton and Giveaway

Forgotten Cotton

When it comes to accessories, more is more and less is a bore! (as quoted by my style guru, Iris Apfel)  I am always on the look out for new accessorizing ideas and today I am sharing one of my treasured new Etsy finds with you.  Here is the lace wrist cuff and new Fall print infinity scarf, which I absolutely j’adore, from Forgotten Cotton

Forgotten Cotton’s accessories are 100% quality American made. Their fabric is so soft and wearable. The scarf and cuff I received from their Etsy store are the perfect complement to my new Madewell top and my favorite pair of Hudson jeans, don’t you think? The eye-catching colors of the scarf and the feminine touch of lace on the wrist are the perfect way to add a statement to a simple outfit.

Forgotten Cotton Accessories Forgotten Cotton Etsy Forgotten Cotton Infinty Scarf Etsy Forgotten Cotton Scarf and Cuff

Madewell Top

We are giving away a teal or taupe lace wrist cuff pictured below to 2 of our fabulous followers! Please join our giveaway by simply “liking” Forgotten Cotton on Facebook, here, or “following” them on Instagram, here, and leaving a comment below with your email address. We will contact the winners on Friday, September 11.

Forgotten Cotton Giveaway


Happy Accessorizing Friends!



Tribal Print: Summer to Fall Style

Asos Summer to Fall Dress

Transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall can be a style challenge at times. So what’s a gal to do? Here’s a simple answer: ACCESSORIZE! Add a denim jacket, a scarf, a floppy hat, a fringe bootie to your Summer wardrobe – staples which will keep you warm enough to get through Fall’s brisk days.

Here is my favorite midi dress from ASOS which I lived in most of this summer, along with these amazing gladiators from The Square Moon.

Asos Warehouse Dress 5 Asos Asos Warehouse Dress 12 Asos Warehouse Dress 7 Asos Tribal Aztec Dress Asos Warehouse Dress 4

For the Fall, I plan to substitute the gladiators for my comfy Guess fringe booties, my can’t-live-without denim jacket from H&M and this fantastic wool hat I found at my local Target (#targetrules 😉 )

Fall Dress Fall Denim Boots Fall Beauty and Fashion Fall H&M Denim Jacket Fall Style

Need additional tips on how to wear your Summer favorites into the Fall? Here is a great article from Stitch Fix.



DIY: Free People Lace Up Layering Top

Need a little white shirt with a uniquely WOW! factor for under $10? Then you’ve come to the right place, baby! This DIY is for you.

Free People DIY Lace Up Top

My refashion idea was inspired by Free People’s spicy deep V lace up top. There is also a River Island version now selling on, here.

What you will need to DIY this fabulous FP inspired top:

  1. A white or black fitted long sleeve shirt made of cotton, viscose or nylon fabric (my shirt is from H&M and I bought a size 14+ from the junior’s section for a tight and snug fit. The shirts come in a black and white set, so I plan to DIY the black one into a lace up as well.)
  2. Straps for the loops and your lace detailed neckline.  You may use the fabric cut from the shirt to make the straps. I made mine from an old shirt.
  3. Interfacing. It is not necessary to use interfacing, but I prefer to use it since it keeps the shirt’s fabric from stretching out of shape and gives structure to the neckline.

Free People DIY Lace Top Materials

Fold your shirt together as shown below, determine exactly where your cut will be from the neckline to your “V” area (use pins to secure). Start cutting along the pin line.

Free People DIY Lace Top 2

Make your loops from your straps and sew them on, as shown below. I added six loops on each side.
Free People DIY Lace Top 3 Free People DIY Lace Top 4

Turn your shirt inside out and sew your interfacing along the neckline.

Free People DIY Lace Top 5


Here is what your shirt will look like once it’s done. I added two bell-shaped jewelry findings from my DIY stash to give my straps a bit of flair!

Free People DIY 2 Free People DIY 3 Free People DIY 5 Free People DIY 6 Free People DIY 7

Happy DIY’ing.


DIY: A Summer Scarf Halter Top

Give me a couple of scarves, and I can think of numerous ways to DIY them into a wearable work of art. My fabulous co-blogger, Nensi, and I have previously shared simple scarf DIY ideas with our lovely readers here and here. The halter top below was actually inspired by Nensi’s sensational scarf dress. Her dress can also be translated into a flowy and very wearable summer halter top with the use of three 20” x 20” scarves. It’s an extremely easy DIY if you are looking for a unique summer top.

I found my three scarves below in the H&M clearance/sale aisle. They were $5 a piece with an additional 30% off on each. Score!

DIY Scarf Halter Top DIY Scarf Halter Top 3

The materials I needed to transform my three scarves: thread in a similar color as the scarves and Realeather Craft Lace which can be found at your local craft store.

DIY Scarf Halter Top 4

The DIY process is very simple. Take two of the scarves and form the front of the top as seen below. The scarves will be stitched together in the mid-front, forming a really pretty and flowy flap in the front of the halter.

DIY Scarf Halter Top 5 DIY Scarf Halter Top 6

Taking my string of Realeather lace, I cut two strings into my desired length and pinned them to the front points in order to form my halter’s straps. Then I took the other end of the two straps and pinned them to the third scarf, which will be the back of my halter top, as shown below.

DIY Scarf Halter Top 7 DIY Scarf Halter Top 10 DIY Scarf Halter Top 9

A sewing machine comes in handy when sewing the straps onto the scarves, but they can easily be sewn by hand as well. Sew the straps on, stitch the mid-front and the sides to form the top.
DIY Scarf Halter Top 11 DIY Scarf Halter Top 12

Voila! The completed one-of-a-kind halter which will complement any legging or skinny denim.

DIY Scarf Top DIY Scarf DIY Scarf 2 DIY Scarf 4

Wishing you a crafty week ahead.


DIY: Hellooooo Summer Giveaway

Summer has officially arrived (Hooray summer!), as if Lulu’ hasn’t scorched us already with it’s super hot and trendsetting Spring fashion line. I can’t even begin to tell you how much drooling I’ve done over Lulu’s Brokedown Sun, Sand, Washed Black Maxi Halter Dress, (along with it’s beige partner in crime here) which, even at a hefty price of $111.00, sold out in what felt like mere minutes.1298850_202154


Hence the inspiration behind my latest DIY project! Though I appreciate finer things in life, I consider my self fortunate to have discovered other avenues of shopping for trendy clothes at much friendlier prices, like Fashion Q, where I’ve purchased two black maxi dresses for $5.99 each!

Admittedly, I am an “Iron-On” virgin, and the reason behind the “two” dresses was that one would surely be discarded, but the Iron-On letters I purchased from came with goof-proof instructions, and I decided to treat you all to not only my step by step DIY, but also to a Summer Maxi Giveaway! Yay!

When I think of summer, I think of vacations, beaches, sunsets, boats, cocktails, surf, straw hats … Though Lulu’s dress can be very closely copied (yes, there are plenty of ‘distressed’ iron-on letters on various websites) I’ve decided to give the dress my own twist by adding my favorite phrases, in lieu of my favorite season — Hello Summer.

Summer maxi 2 Summer maxi 3Summer maxi 12

Things you will need for this fun and easy DIY project are things you already have in your home: scissors, towel, pillowcase, a very hot iron, and a little bit of patience.

First step is to lay the dress on a towel, cut out your letters and place them ‘face down’, so that the letters are touching the front of the dress material, while remaining covered with the translucent paper. Take the time to align them evenly. 

Summer maxi 4 Summer maxi 5 Sumer maxi 13Next, you need to heat up your iron to its highest setting, cover the words with a pillow case and get to work.

Iron the pillow case over the letters for about 5 minutes, making sure you thoroughly heat each word. The longer you iron, the easier the translucent paper peals off the letters when done 😉 Summer maxi 6 Summer maxi 8Once you are done ironing on front side of dress through the pillow case,  you will need to remove (and discard) the pillowcase, turn the dress over and iron the back side of the dress for about 3 more minutes. No pillow case needed for this task.Summer maxi 9When the 3 minutes are up, turn your project over and you may begin to remove the translucent film which covers all of your cut out letters. Be very careful, and take your time, as to not rip or distort your new lettering.Summer maxi 13 Summer maxi 10 Sumer maxi 11The final project was one even my fabulously stylish chihuahua, Mr. Pretty Kitty, approves of.Summer maxi 18 Summer maxi 14 Summer maxi 16 Summer maxi 21 Summer maxi 17 Summer maxi 19With it’s cool boho vibe, and fun, care free phrase, I paired my new Summer maxi with a few glam accessories, like guess Tutu Bow  flip flops, fun hat, fringed bag, Katy Perry ‘Love Me‘ necklace / ‘Roar‘ bracelet, and I’m ready to welcome Summer!Summer maxi 15

Perfect for shopping, pool parties, or fun beach wear, this maxi is a great addition for almost any occasion. How fun would it be to ‘fringe’ the bottom half of this dress? Hmmm … maybe I save that for my next DIY …

This dresses’ fabulous counterpart is up for grabs! Leave a comment as to why you’d like to be the winner (either here on the blog, on our Instagram or our Facebook page), make sure you follow all three accounts, and you just might be the lucky fashionista to rock this one of a kind maxi dress this Summer, in fab style 😉

Winner will be announced July 1st on all three of our accounts. Best of luck!

InstagramSummer maxi 24 Summer maxi 25

Summer maxi 20

And for those of you attempting this super easy DIY, I’d love to hear about your projects. Drop me a note letting me know how your DIYs turned out!

Happy DIY-ing!