OOTN: Jumping Into Date Night


What is liberatingly comfortable, yet can be feminine, sexy and hug you in all the right places? You can call it a jumpsuit, a romper, a onesie, or boiler suit, but I call it my freedom suit. Yes dears, that is exactly what wearing this simple one piece suit feels like, and it has me jumping for joy!  Now I admit, it didn’t look as attractive being displayed on a hanger in the H&M store, but with some imagination, I saw it’s possibilities, and it quickly became my go-to outfit no matter the occasion.

In a previous post (Uber Exciting Play Date) I accessorized this jumpsuit for a date in the park with the kiddoes. With an easy switch of a few accessories, adding heels, belt and a leather jacket, this playsuit was ready for a grown-up kind of a playdate, and my hubby couldn’t wait to play with me.

IMG_3415 IMG_3421 IMG_3380 IMG_3388 IMG_3372 IMG_3365 IMG_3356 IMG_3350 IMG_3302IMG_3385 IMG_3290 IMG_3409 IMG_3443

 Jumpsuit: H&M / Belt: H&M  / Heels: Charlotte Russe / Moto Jacket: Miss Sixty, similar here / Clutch: Tory Burch / Sunglasses: United Colors of Beneton / Necklace and Bracelet: old

How many times have we walked past an item in a store, not realizing it’s true value? Imagination can be a powerful thing. In the wise words of Muhammad Ali “The man who has no imagination, has no wings“. Though we all spread our wings of creativity from time to time, for me, a good jump can be very liberating, especially when wearing my freedom suit.

 What has you jumping for joy this season?

OOTD: Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride 4

It’s a new year and I’m ready to ride the fashion train.

From bold colors and prints galore.
To simple outfits since less is more.
Edgy or boho chic.
Classic, vintage and unique.

Hop on board the style train, friends. Let’s see where our 2015 fashion journey ends!

Skirt: Ross Dress For Less / Top: Jessica Simpson / Boots: Flashbacks Fashion /Handbag: Steve Madden

Ready to Ride 7
Pink Boots 3 Ross Dress For Less Skirt Steve Madden Bag Ready to Ride 2 Ready to Ride Pink Boots 2 Ready To Ride 5


OOTN: Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Hello my sparkly friends. New Year is in full swing and it’s that time of the year when everything is so sparkly, shiny and glamorous, including our wardrobe.

I’d like to think that I sparkle all the time, because I’m a girl who loves year round glitter, but this NYE I really wanted to shine bright like a diamond, and I plan do just that in my new sequin “Gold and Sassy” dress from Windsor. Yes, Windsor! No need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Thanks to fabulous Christmas sales, my whole outfit cost under $100! Are you still looking for the perfect dress? Check out Windsor’s 24 Glam Looks to Ring in the New Year. I’m glad I did.

Balancing your bling can be a tough act, but when it comes to NYE parties, all rules go out the window. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than in your most sequins sparkly dress. Live a little and forget about self restraint and add more sparkle when in doubt. Mixing patterns and sequins and throwing in chunky gold jewelry, is the only way to go. You’ll be the belle of the ball and won’t even need to worry about leaving the party when the clock strikes midnight.


IMG_3469 IMG_3467 IMG_3473 IMG_3494 IMG_3485 IMG_3487 IMG_3503 IMG_3505 IMG_3499

output_ZlhQmt IMG_3553

 Dress: www.windsorstore.com / Shoes: Charlotte Ruse (similar here) Chanel clutch: old / Earrings and Ring set: H&M / Bracelet: Walmart

Shimmery sparkles are synonymous with ringing in the New Year, and we’re never ones to break tradition, so join our Sparkle-rama and check out Natasha’s fabulous DIY post on how to Make Your Own Seaquin Pants and add some serious sparkle to this NYE … I hope we’ve inspired you all to put some sparkle in your festivities and leave a trail of glitter no matter how you ring in the New Year.

🎉 2015 is going to be an amazing year, I can hardly wait to see what it has in store for us! 🎉

The Cute Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tis’ the season of family gatherings, Aunt Edna’s indigestible mystery pie, flashy holiday decorations, and Bridget Jones style homemade reindeer jumpers — that time of the year when the ugly Christmas sweaters come out of hiding in the back of your closets.

Nothing says cheer like patchwork of reindeer, bells, snowman, Christmas trees and Santa in glitter, yarn or appliqué, and of course, all featured on the same sweater. The ugly Christmas sweaters that outshine the holiday decor, have been made famous by colorblind crafting Aunts and knitting Grandmothers everywhere. Unless you’ve entered an Ugly Sweater contest at a holiday party, no one wants to be caught wearing one.

Grandma knitted you something ‘festive’? Don’t fear, we have a few solutions up our red and green sleeves ;)  Before you give in to Grandma, we suggest you check out Walmart where you can find a not so ugly (actually, pretty darn cute) Christmas sweater to your liking. My beautiful daughter Julie and I have found a few, and, being that our little chihuahuas are total fashionistas, we found matching sweaters for them, too!

Why be ugly, when you can be fabulous! What do you think?

IMG_2972 IMG_3012 IMG_2941 IMG_2917 IMG_2904 IMG_2907 IMG_2920 IMG_2962 IMG_2899 IMG_2931 IMG_2965 IMG_2978 IMG_2947 IMG_2946 IMG_2914 IMG_3023 IMG_2989

My outfit: Plaid leggings: No Boundaries / Sweater: Faded Glory (similar here) / Boots: UGG Marielle / Pretty Kitty’s outfit: Red-Reindeer-Dog-Sweater

Julie’s ensemble: Seamless Leggings: No Boundaries / Sweater: Faded Glory / Boots: UGG Classic Short / Harley’s sweater: SimplyDog 

Can’t you hear your Grandma saying “if you can’t put an ugly sweater on your cat, than put your cat on an ugly sweater.” Lucky I have sweater loving dog fabulistas, hehe. So now’s the time to beat Grandma to the punch, make a quick run for Walmart, and put on your best Cute Ugly Christmas Sweater for the festivities! Don’t forget to dress up your furry friends, too.

Wishing you all Fashionable and Happy Holidays!



A FreeUrCloset Merry X’mas Threesome

“What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. “
We love Christmas!  And even though we now live in two different states, this Christmas our only wish was to get together and do what we do best – pose for the camera! Finding a true friend who will stick with you through thick and thin is a rare gift and so we cherish our forever fabulous friendship.  These two cray cray ladies will always find a reason to celebrate, drink, shop, drink some more …and worship David Gandy. After all, only your best friend understands that when you say “I saw my boyfriend today” you are not referring to the hubs, but rather the hot guy that has no clue you even exist (hihihi).
So this holiday season, we decided to don our Sunday “X’mas” best and hit the mall for some serious bff retail therapy!
Christmas Outfits 6Christmas Outfits 8Christmas Outfits 10Christmas Outfits 12Christmas Outfits 14Christmas Outfits 15Christmas Outfits 16Christmas Outfits 18
With visions of white panties….perhaps Santa will deliver some Gandy candy under our X’mas trees hehe ;P
DG-Christmas-2014-xChristmas Outfits 5David-Gandy-Christmas-2014
Christmas Wishes


OOTD: Uber Exciting Play Date

IMG_3168With all the cleaning/cooking/shopping/party planning, Holidays can be quite stressful, but never fear, H&M’s cleaver jumpsuit is here! Woo-hoo! Forget about staring at your closet, trying to find just the right top to wear with your pants. How fabulous is it to crawl out of bed and reach for only one thing to wear? Priced at only $19.95, this khaki jumpsuit is super versatile, too. It’s just the thing to wear for shopping, running errands, PTA meetings or to a much needed de-stressing play date at the park.

Styling this one piece is a no brainer. I usually wear it with my black Chuck Taylor high tops, throw on a black beanie, a busy print infinity scarf, and I’m out the door. Because this jumpsuit is so versatile, recently I’ve even dressed it up for a date night, and you can read all about it here: Jumping Into Date night.

As far as I’m concerned, fashion has no rules and transcends age and gender. To prove my point, for this post I went back to my NYC girl roots, and had fun dressing up old school style, since it seems to be back in a big way (ahhh, only wishing I had kept my old Timberlands and Dr.Martens, hehe).

Onesies, comfortable jumpsuits, playdates … why should the kids get to have all the fun? Not on FreeUrCloset blog. Here kiddos get to take pictures of mommy having a blast at the park,😜😝 Of course, I let them join in when we finished with pictures … and the last photo here describes it all 😱.

IMG_3148 IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3172 IMG_3180 IMG_3162 IMG_3165 IMG_3266 IMG_3189 IMG_3216 IMG_3213 IMG_3193 IMG_3231IMG_3229 Jumpsuit: H&M / Hat: Co Phoenix Fashion Week, similar here / Boots: Madden Girl / Belt: H&M /  Backpack: Rosetti, similar here / Watch: Esprit / Necklace: Pull&Bear  

 Hoping you all find ways to stay stress free, and enjoy the four day weekend with your families!

🍲🍞Happy Turkey Day!🍷🍷 Gobble Gobble! 🍗🍗

Saturday Man Candy: Babe-a-licious Bearded Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 5

Yes, ladies (and gents)…PRAISE SWEDEN…for giving birth to Swedish Fish and this week’s Saturday Man Candy perfection! His name is Ben Dahlhaus and he can “Ben-d” us over anytime. No, really Ben Dahlhaus, take us now please. HARD.

We don’t know much about Ben, other than he has us daily worshiping at his altar as we stalk his Instagram account. And his Facebook account. And, yes, even his Twitter. And after staring (and salivating) over his delicious face and bod, we’ve become believers and have many reasons why we can’t resist wanting this Sexy Young Beast :

Ben looks like a HOT JESUS.

And there’s nothing Christian about what we’d like to do to our bearded Godly man.  We feel blasphemous for thinking of Ben making us scream “Hallelujah”!!! But when it comes to Ben, we just can’t put our ladyboners away. Forgive us Father for we have sinned. And sinned and sinned and sinned ;P

Ben Dahlhaus 11 Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 2

Ben’s beard says SEX. All. night. long.

Ladies, just think about the damage that long and thick beard can do downtown. We’d like to call it the “orgasm booster” that is sure to take us to heaven and beyond.

Ben Dahlhaus 10 Ben Dahlhaus 20

Soulful, Sultry, Hippie…and YOUNG, just how we like ‘em (hihihi).

We love that sensuous, sultry and sad-looking puppy face. Come hither, Ben, we’ll console you.

Ben Dahlhaus 15

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 3

We want to pet Ben. And his “puppy”. Slurpppp.

And we are mighty sure his “puppy” is as massive and impressive as his beard.

Ben Dahlhaus Man Candy 4

Ben Dahlhaus 17

Hoping you all Praise the Lord and sing Hallelujah! this weekend.