Saturday Man Candy: DE-licious Damon Danilo

Have you ever met a man who didn’t exaggerate the size of his penis?  … Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gents), have we got a dynamite  treat for you this Saturday. We know we’ve been holding back in the Man Candy department, but The Man Candies are back in a big way — and by big, we mean HUGE!  We feel that we owe you someone ‘extra juicy’, who doesn’t need to exaggerate the size of his stocking! Meet our DE-licious hunk of the week — our dynamite Vegas candy Damon Danilo, an extremely well hung stud who proudly displays all his goodies, as he should 😜.

There isn’t much we need to know about Damon Danilo, other than he isn’t shy about his body, he has the dreamiest baby blue eyes, is an avid dog lover/owner, and is a lady worshiper … yeah, sorry to disappoint the boys, but this hunk of beef is 100% straight. Our DamonDanilo infatuation is purely physical, from his amazingly carved physique, ripped 12 pack sexy abs, impressive pumping muscles, stroking his 10” snake (@jimmyzproductions) which is described by his fans as a “national treasure”, as well as his boasts of “legendary landscaping skillswe’d like to experience, all the way to his x-rated ‘workouts’ (@hardmenonline) 😍! If you’re ever in vicinity of Las Vegas, this hunk of grade A beef, with enough meat to satisfy even our hunger, can be your sex slave for the night! … Uuhhh temptation, temptation … we could watch him pump alllll day and aallllllllllllll night … seriously 👅👅 … but we can’t share any more of our twisted Damon fantasies without ending up in time outs and sleeping on our uncomfortable couches, hot Damn!

So we invite you to sit back, relax, grab a toy, and enjoy the explosive ride that is 100% muscle and 200% mouth-watering hotdog:

DD33 DD23 DD22 DD31 DD41 DD7 DD9DD34 DD10DD19 DD32 DD11 DD14 DD39 DD21 DD37 DD4 DD12 DD35 DD13

Hungry anyone? We suddenly feel like having a nice, big, long, firm, Damon sized, perfectly pink, juicy hot dog! Yummm!

We apologize about all the crotch rocket teasers, but when we first embarked on our Man Candy journey, agreeing that somethings are just better left to the imagination, your two Notorious Naughty N’s have decided to use everything but frontal nudity in our Man Candy posts. So you can just imagine all the hard work we’ve put into this post, drooling while  😅😂 covering up Damon’s supersize attributes with oversized stickers. For full DE-licious Damon effect, in all his frank and beanned glory, feel free to ‘google’ him … we double dog dare you to find out how many strokes it takes to get to the center of our DamonDanilo 😝!

… or,  you could always stop by his Twitter account where he teases us with his #TowelTuesday or (our personal favorite) gem displaying #WillyWednesdays selfies, yay!!! If you pay close attention to Damon’s Twitter, you can also find links to his other sexy sights, where you can video chat with him and watch him stroke his huge tool 😍! It is no wonder this weapon wielding terminator ready to exterminate has 14.5K followers.

Have you joined the DamonDanilo club yet? We double Damon dare you ;)


We’re off to our showers, but not before we wish you a DE-liciously super-sized weekend 😇😇


A Pinterest Inspired DIY: How to Refashion Your Little Black Skirt

Have you ever been stumped when it comes to outfit and DIY ideas for your blog? Pinterest to the rescue!


This simply sophisticated outfit above was found on Pinterest and the skirt screams DIY idea (at least to myself, lol). If you have a little black skirt laying around, grab some fabric and a fashion zipper and add some sexy flair to your work week outfit.

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Black Skirt

Below is a step-by-step visual of the DIY process:

DIY Black Skirt 2 DIY Black Skirt 3 DIY Black Skirt 4 DIY Black Skirt 5 DIY Black Skirt 6

The finished skirt worn with an Express shirt, Isola pumps and BCBG Max Azria handbag.

IMG_5875 IMG_5862 IMG_5885 IMG_5873 IMG_5883 IMG_5848 IMG_5836

Happy DIY’ing!


OOTD: ‘Crooked’ in San Francisco

ls5No matter how much I adore ultra feminine floral prints and super fabulous midi skirts (swooning), the star of this post is San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street. Located between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets in San Fran, Lombard Street is famous for being the crookedest street in the world! Walking the Lombard Street (like a glammed up Hollywood starlet, in high fashion, of course) was definitely on my bucket list, just wishing that my ‘high fashion’ included more common sense and a little bit less of a high heel, hehehe. Lesson learned :)

ls1 ls18 ls2 ls20 ls4 ls13ls21ls11 ls17ls27825555_nls7 ls8 ls12

Studded Moto Jacket: Ambiance Apparel, here / Bodysuit: Love Couture, here / midi skirt: Express, here / Heels: Dollhouse / Watch: Esprit / Clutch bag: Ebay find.

Wishing you all a Glamorous Weekend!

OOTN: Be Nice or You’ll End up on My Blog

10559879_10202339733470545_1291254845460847517_nHave you ever had one of those jaw dropping moments when the clouds in the sky open up to let the beam of heavenly light shine down, while the invisible chorus of angels sing in harmony … and soon you find yourself walking on white fluffy clouds toward the illuminated object, expecting it to vanish into thin air as you carefully reach out to touch its perfection that was created just for you … and when it doesn’t disappear, you grab it and hold it close while basking in the beautiful light … looking for a quick escape route … only to find that at the end of heavens pearly gates stands a cashier? Yes, a cashier of a Forever 21 store … and your heart skips a beat as she hands back your prized possession in a small yellow bag and wishes you a “nice day”?

True story …

… and the item that called out my name?

These fabulous “Be nice … or you’ll end up on my blog” PJs, of course!


Just like my men candy, sometimes I like my pajamas cool and silky, sometimes I go for cozy and warm, or I go for extra large, and at times I don’t want any at all (wink wink). Tonight I want them loungy and comfortable, and I’ve definitely found just the right pair Anyone up for a pillow fight?

10561660_10202339748270915_7855082203000591119_n 10152030_10202339744510821_5213262056016197702_n 10563137_10202339782111761_4856475035590242549_n 10583884_10202339720030209_6783865406177506612_n 10534598_10202339772911531_2090581824916150544_n 10445515_10202339769191438_1478175687006057388_n pj3 10574384_10202339742910781_3498299815747411003_n 10348594_10202339740630724_4228587801942050413_n pj2 10501691_10202339760311216_7529171339707219682_n pj4 10533115_10202339722670275_8628851705401005672_n 10312973_10202339733190538_4028783592036948479_n

Now that you’ve been warned, I’m wishing you all ‘a nice day‘ and always a naughty night ;)




OOTD: May She Float in the Surf Forever


The sun shining on the dirt path
as you twirl through the rays of dust
The melody of the birds leading you step
by step,as you dance with carefree cadence
Your white,loose dress,comfortable on
your flawless skin goes round and round
up and down as you leap through the air
like a ballerina of new found audacity
The light breeze blows the footprints you make
into the sky,as if the gods long for the steps
of the angelic dance they see below,displayed by
the girl in the white dress

She bathes in the waterfalls and dances with the
wind in gracefulness
Showered in sunshine,she has no name,for she is known
by nature as
the girl in the white dress.

by SoulPoet31/the_girl_in_the_white_dress

DSCF2299 DSCF2540 DSCF2511 DSCF2513 DSCF2359 DSCF2394 DSCF2400 DSCF2432 10570364_10202339652228514_2304085589701398919_n DSCF2405 DSCF2458 1620925_10202339653388543_525303056576072887_nDSCF2443 DSCF2468 DSCF2476_2 DSCF2483DSCF2318 DSCF2476DSCF2471 DSCF2452DSCF2454

Dress: Zara / Sandals: Mia / Clutch: Michael Kors / Necklace: / Watch: Esprit


Travel Chic: Cruising In Santa Cruz, CA

10580200_10202339636708126_5991695939944938622_nOkay, okay, so maybe I haven’t stepped foot on a cruse ship in the past couple of years, but I did find my self on board of a really cool little boat ;) It is called Marcella, Santa Cruz, aptly named after a sleepy little California town which claims to be the birthplace of surfing and is home to sea food lovers, amusement park thrill seekers, fishermen, surfers and sea lions alike.

Whenever I travel, as a rule, I try to pack mostly wrinkle free clothing and comfortable footwear. No one wants to spend precious vacay time ironing instead of starting your adventure. For this windy sightseeing occasion, I threw on a marbled Zara pencil skirt, light shirt, biker boots and a trench coat, paired with a stylish zippered clutch, and I was ready to strut down Santa Cruz Wharf wrapped in head to toe stylish comfort.

10404217_10202339636348117_5629202020002921133_n 10417468_10202339644508321_6586178326780454456_n DSCF2240 10530690_10202339639108186_903699611085298086_n 10543635_10202339645548347_8795796572451931328_nDSCF220910568938_10202339639268190_5301931819881624431_n 10561642_10202339639948207_6979903114329352193_n 20140717_113639-1 DSCF2241 10574455_10202339640388218_6984932673727375916_n DSCF2273 10438536_10202339642788278_5264791944124126287_n Skirt: Zara / Clutch: Tory Burch / Biker Boots: nicolesimilar here / Trench: Mossimo / Sunglasses: Prada / Watch: Esprit / Necklace: Gift

What rules do you live by when packing for a vacation adventure?



OOTN: Shawl Dawls to the Rescue!

We’ve all had those ‘I have nothing to wear‘ moments, while standing in front of an overstuffed closet. With date night approaching, I was off on my own tirade, complaining and throwing a tantrum … and then there it was, in all it’s sheer and colorful glory, staring back at me — my newest         Shawl Dawls addition to the rescue!

Before I knew it, I found my self wrapped in a sexy and unique top … you know, the kind that made my hubby short of breath, and all the ladies dying to know where I got it … and dressing, my friends, has never been the same. Somehow, the sneaky little shawl that it is, it started to make its appearance on daily basis, as my swim wear cover up, as a light jacket to a restaurant, an elegant wrap covering a skimpy dress on a windy day, or as a sexy backless top on this date night … and I can’t say that I’m complaining … after all, what gal doesn’t like looking fabulous! ;)

sd2 sd4 sd7 sd5 sd1 sd9 sd6 sd3 sd8

Top: Shawl Dawls / Jeans: Lucky Brand / Clutch: R&J Handbags / Bracelets: H&M / Watch: Dedia /             Shoes: Xhilaration, similar here.

There are endless ways to wear these shawls, and I’m crazy about their new sheer additions in multitude of fun colors.  The best part is, not only are they gorgeous and affordable, they complement anything you wear, and will soon become your new best friend. Hop on over to the Shawl Dawls website and get your own fabulous shawl. Don’t forget to check out their fun tutorial on How to Style your Shawl Dawls, or for even more ideas, see how my beautiful co-blogger styles hers in her The Perfect Swim Cover Up post.

Happy Styling!